Joymax Co., Ltd.
February 2003
South Korea


Based on the blockbuster SBS drama series, Joymax brings back the exciting action of the acclaimed TV series with the arcade game Age of Wanderer. Set during the Japanese occupancy of Korea, descendants of both Korea and Japan are embroiled in a power struggle to control the streets of Jongro, the center of Korean trade. Gangsters harass the merchants, joining hands with the Japanese to disturb the peace of the community. Spurred into action, Doo Han Kim, the son of General Jwah Jin Kim, and Sirasoni, the greatest fighter of all time of Manjoo descent, rise up and challenge the tyranny of oppression. The resistance of the Japanese police, military police, and opposing gangs grow stronger... but Doo Han Kim and Sirasoni take to the streets to fight for the common people and restore peace to Jongro. Doo Han Kim and Sirasoni, Together The leader of the Umi Gang and a legendary man of fists, Doo Han Kim comes together with Sirasoni, the greatest Korean fighter of all time to battle injustice and challenge the powers that work with the Japanese to oppress Korea. Defeat the Honmachi Clan, gangsters, and thugs in this fast paced, exciting action game.